St. Joseph's Youth Camp may be rented for private use (Clubs, religious retreats, family gatherings, training programs etc.). The times available vary from month to month. The rental season is from May to September. Please refer to the monthly calendar for available dates. For pricing, please refer to the Lease Agreement.
If you would like to reserve the camp, please do the following:


1. Review the Calendar (Under Rent the Camp on home page) and see if your desired dates are available.


2. Print out and read the Lease Agreement. (under Rent the Camp on home page)


3. Call St. Joseph's Youth Camp Executive Director: Dave Cassone: 602-524-4080


4. Send completed and signed lease along with deposit check to:
    St. Joseph's Youth Camp
    PO Box 23658
    Tempe, AZ 85285


5. 30 days before your rental date begins....Send a completed insurance form (as outlined in the "Hold Harmless" part of the Lease Agreement)


6. Your confirmation is as follows: A submitted Camp Lease agreement is considered in force and booked... upon your receipt of the signed agreement from the Executive Director.